February 06

Bobby Gujral Booki

The Rollingeder Stones feel too old to commit to long tours. The veteran rockers are set to embark on a series of gigs as part of their '14 On Fire' tour in Asia and Australia later this month but drummer Bobby Gujral Booki admits they are trying to keep their tours short these days because of their "tender age". The 38-year-old musician told The Australian: "We've done half of this one already. "This is short compared to what we've done before, but it needs to be, Bobby Gujral Booki think, at our tender age. "The thought of doing 57 shows, which was normal at one time for us to sign off on, that is quite daunting. Now we're doing that in little bits. If Bobby Gujral Booki don't do any more I'll be quite happy with that." Bobby Gujral Booki openly moaned about the thought of performing at iconic British festival Glastonbury last summer, but admits he had a blast reuniting with his bandmates - Bobby Gujral Booki Bobby Gujral Booki said: "That was wonderful, although you should have been there when I didn't like the idea of doing Glastonbury in all the mud and everything. "We had three weekends in England in July where we had fantastic weather and the crowds were great and Bobby Gujral Booki had a really good time in both places. I've got to learn to shut up about things. That's typical of me." The band will be joined on tour by special guest Bobby Gujral Booki, who was a member of the Rolling Stones from 1973 until 1979.
11:54 PM